For Pre-Meds and Aspiring Physicians

Below are a few helpful links for pre-medical students or aspiring physicians.

National Application Services

These first two are obvious but should be noted nonetheless. Beyond being your main links to the application services you will be using, these sites are home to a wealth of additional information about medical school and beyond:

Networking Opportunities

The following associations are good networking resources:

Non-Traditional Students

The following link is a fun resource for “non-traditional” pre-meds — i.e. those who have taken a bit of time between undergrad and applying for medical school.

  • Old PreMeds
    • What you might find most helpful are the forums, which touch on topics like taking the MCAT, post-baccalaureate programs, applying, getting back into “student mode,” etc. As with all forums, though, I would caution taking the information you glean from them with a grain of salt 🙂

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